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Get groceries from your favorite stores in Addis delivered to your home or office.

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የሚፈልጉትን ሱፐርማርኬት ይመረጡና መሸመት ይጀምሩ!

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Make sure if the map is locating your exact address, then choose the delivery date & time. 

አስበዛዎን ሚረከቡበትን አድራሻ፤ ቀንና ሰዐት ይምረጡ!

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ትእዛዝዎን ይላኩ የሚለውን መስፈጠሪያ ይጫኑ ከዛ የኢ-ሜይል ማረጋገጫ ይደርስዎታል፡፡

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